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martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

Thanks to Sons of Anarchy

Thanks to Sons of Anarchy for the entertainment given during the long time I've been recovering from my injured knee. It was a hard time for me and my family and the hours I spent watching the seven seasons was less painful.
Anyway, I'd rather have been more time riding bikes than staying in the waiting room of Saint Thomas Hospital, and more beer and gasoline than blood and gunpowder, but I know that living so close to law boundaries has its own risks.
Now that I know your philosophy and way of life, I admire your brotherhood and the aim to do your best when everything goes wrong and against you. It's really hard to conceal family life with dirty business and the amount to pay is too high or almost impossible for everybody, but you keep and trying everyday just to be honest with yourself and the way of life you have chosen, although it is in the opposite way than most of the people.
For all that, my gratitude and affect will always be with you. And everytime I see a couple of black crowes close to the road I can't hardly avoid thinking in you. Thanks again SOA, and never give up riding! 

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